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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay My Bills While in Rehab?

21 Jul
Financial concerns are often a barrier to treatment for many people. Since rehab programs usually l…

Can I Keep My Job and Attend Rehab?

19 May
Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder and becoming sober is the best choice. But, most imp…

The Difference Between Physical vs. Psychological Dependence

22 Feb
When it comes to addiction, there is a big difference between physical and psychological dependence…

What to do if you suspect your child has an addiction

26 Nov
Teen addiction isn’t obvious. You may wonder if your child is involved with drugs because of …

Will My Insurance Cover Drug Rehab and Detox?

19 Jun
Many people resist treatment for addiction for a variety of reasons, from the stigmas associated wi…

What 5 Days of Detox Looks Like

12 Jun
Drug or alcohol detox is the first step in any addiction treatment plan. It is the short period of …

Things to Consider Before an Intervention

29 May
While interventions have become the butt of jokes on many television shows, they are a serious and …

How Long After Rehab Should I Wait to Get a Job or Change Jobs?

31 May
Addiction can affect so many aspects of life, including one’s job or career. Often, work pressures …

What is Alcoholic ‘Wet Brain’?

12 Jan
Alcoholism is one of the most dangerous forms of substance abuse for many reasons, one of which is …

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