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JCAHO Certifies Harmony Place as CA Residential Treatment Facility With ASAM III.7 Designation

Harmony Place Residential Treatment Center has opened a Crisis Stabilization Program that recently has been certified by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or JCAHO. JCAHO is a Nonprofit Organization based in the United States that accredits over 20,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the country.

Harmony Place now offers 24-hour acute care, medically managed detox program from alcohol and substance abuse as part of our many services. The Crisis Stabilization Program is for those who are experiencing subacute biomedical, emotional, behavioral, or cognitive problems as well as acute withdrawal symptoms. The unit is specifically licensed for those adult clients whose symptoms could escalate to a point of requiring acute care, and meet criteria for medical necessity for American Society and Addictive Medicine, ASAM, Level III.7. but do not need the full resources of a hospital setting.

As an alternative to hospitalization, Harmony Place focuses on stabilizing clients and addressing their mental and physical health as well as substance abuse and mental health issues. We do this by providing 24-hour observation by trained medical staff and crisis intervention using multiple treatment modalities.

The tranquil atmosphere at Harmony Place is designed to provide a calming and serene environment required for each client to avoid major physical discomforts and begin their journey to recovery. With our highly skilled physicians, nurses, and licensed clinicians specializing in mental health and substance abuse we provide a structured regimen of 24 hour professionally directed evaluation, observation, medical monitoring, and addiction treatment at an inpatient residential setting.

Licensed by California State Department of Healthcare Services, (DHCS), Harmony Place has the very distinct State certification of Incidental Medical Services, (IMS) which gives us the ability to have medical professionals like Internal Medicine Physicians and Psychiatrists to see their clients and complete physical exams and Psychiatric evaluations on Campus in specially earmarked and private exam rooms.