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What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture Treatment In Addiction Treatment?

Harmony Place offers acupuncture for addiction as part of the holistic treatment program in our residential inpatient facility. Coupled with intensive individual and group therapy, acupuncture can be a great system of support for recovering addicts and alcoholics, as well as those recovering from co-occurring mental health disorders.


  • Acupuncture Can Help Reduce The Pressure And Noise In Your Head


    Acupuncture is known to reduce migraines, headaches and pressure in the head. With a  flood of new emotions, memories, and thought processes, in addition to psychological cravings, it can get noisy in clients’ heads. Often, according to eastern practices, that noise is due to stored up energy that hasn’t been released and is causing stress. Strategically placed acupuncture needles can create what feels like a river of pressure flowing from the head. Providing relief from the physical and mental sensations is not only therapeutic, but teaches clients that relief is possible.


  • Acupuncture Can Relieve Chronic Physical Pain


    Acupuncture has been used to treat physical pain both medically and preventatively for centuries. An increasingly high percentage of opioid addicts start their addiction in treatment for chronic pain. Unable to take the medications they have become addicted to such patients are in need of holistic pain relief. Additionally, the early stages of recovery can bring physical discomfort due to symptoms of withdrawal. Acupuncture can relieve some of those symptoms and help the body internally support itself by clearing passageways for energy to move.


  • Acupuncture Can Help With Insomnia


    Sleeping was usually a matter of passing out or blacking out for most active addicts and alcoholics. Once in treatment, the combination of no substances, and an onset of anxiety keeps clients awake all night long. Acupuncture treats insomnia by helping clear the mind of unnecessary energy and helping the body regulate its energetic state.


  • Acupuncture Can Release Emotions


    Eastern medicine and practices believe that emotions are stored in the body. Most addicts and alcoholics have spent years of their lives drinking and using. At their core, these substances are mind-altering analgesics, numbing the pain and enhancing euphoria. Numbing their emotions for numerous years, the body was tasked with storing all of it. Emotions do not just disappear when they are not expressed. They get stuck in the body. Acupuncture can focus on specific emotional storage spaces in the body and release that energy, helping support therapeutic efforts in other parts of treatment.

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