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Is There Acupuncture For Addiction?

15 Nov
Overcoming a drug addiction is a difficult journey. To address and overcome substance abuse, people…

Meditation for Addiction Recovery

8 Nov
Holistic therapy, meditation for addiction, is becoming a more integral part of addiction recovery….

History of 12-Step Program for Addiction Recovery

8 Nov
Originated by Alcoholics Anonymous, The 12 steps are the spiritual base for personal recovery from …

Staying Sober During the Holidays

8 Nov
Once the holiday time rolls around, it’s more susceptible for individuals struggling with substance…

Drug Misuse, Alcoholism, and Disability

8 Nov
Substance misuse is common among all groups of people. However, individuals with disabilities are a…

What Are Behavioral Therapies for Drug Abuse?

8 Nov
Behavioral therapies for drug abuse help individuals engage in their substance abuse programs by mo…

Yoga and Recovery

8 Nov
Yoga Therapy The field of yoga therapy in clinical settings, ultimately teaching people to attend t…

Addiction Rehab for First Responders

8 Nov
You just worked a 24-hour workday, and not only is your body hurting you as a first responder. Your…

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