The Importance of Pain Management in Rehab and Recovery from Painkillers

The Importance of Pain Management in Rehab and Recovery from Painkillers

Here at Harmony Place, we understand the importance of pain management during rehabilitation for painkiller addiction. Our clients’ struggles with painkiller addictions often are rooted in chronic pain. Many began taking painkillers due to constant back pain, arthritis, or other long-term problems. The process of controlling pain can then lead to dangerous addictions. To treat painkiller and opioid addictions, we work with our clients to discover other means to control pain and provide effective rehabilitation.

Addiction Treatment And Pain Management

Our pain management addiction specialists combine physical and mental health treatment plans for maximum effectiveness. Often, those suffering from chronic pain also suffer from anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. Clients with a dual diagnosis receive mental health support, as well as painkiller addiction treatment. Treatment teams typically include a physician, therapists, psychologists, therapeutic activity specialists, and holistic practitioners. Each team member plays an important role in recovery, teaching clients physical, mental, and behavioral life skills. Our goal is to keep our client’s pain-free, so they can focus on treating the addiction.

Chronic Pain And Addiction Treatment 

Chronic pain can be debilitating and life-altering. Those suffering from chronic pain are constantly trying to stay ahead of the discomfort, taking painkillers for pain management. The physical need for painkillers can turn into an addiction without a sufferer realizing it. To compound the problem, constant pain management efforts become all-consuming and take a toll on psychological health. The process becomes a Catch-22, as the pain sufferer requires medication to treat pain, but has also developed an addiction.

Those seeking treatment for the painkiller or opioid addiction are often scared to enter treatment for fear of uncontrolled pain. Often, clients believe as soon as treatment begins, he or she must end all pain management medications. Harmony Place understands this fear and is here to help. Our program provides clients with alternative forms of pain management. Clients with chronic pain issues undergo treatment with a combination of non-addictive pain medications and holistic medicine techniques.

Holistic Forms Of Pain Management

Harmony Place approaches to pain management in rehabilitation differently, but effectively. Many of our clients discover pain management techniques they never knew existed. After treatment, our clients often continue with the same pain management methods discovered in our facility. We offer a variety of holistic techniques to meet the needs of every client.


Chiropractic Care

Massage Therapy

Mindfulness And Meditation

Clients can perform the pain management techniques we provide individually or in any combination. We work with individual clients to meet his or her psychological and physical needs. If holistic approaches to pain management are not effective for the client, we provide non-addiction forming medicines. At Harmony Place, we understand clients in pain are not going to be successful in recovery efforts. We will always help manage your pain.

Integrative Approach To Addiction Treatment And Pain Management

The key to our success is in our integrative approach to treatment. We treat the whole person, not only the addiction. Our pain management drug rehabilitation program offers clients multiple options and therapies for treatment. Upon entering our facility, clients undergo a thorough evaluation process by physicians and mental health counselors. Our experts will take the time to understand your individual needs, receive your input, then create a treatment plan designed specifically for your needs. Treatment plans include:

• Individual, group, family therapy
• Nutritional therapy
• Massage therapy
• Equine-assisted therapy
• Acupuncture
• Chiropractic care
• Energy work
• Mindfulness and mediation

We offer inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and transitional living options. As a pain management rehabilitation center, we understand not every client has the same needs. Every level of care provides the opportunity for you and your therapists to make the best choices for your care. We also offer aftercare and alumni programs for continued support.

Pain Killer Recovery With Harmony Place

If you or a loved one is searching for a painkiller or opioid addiction treatment program, you have come to the right place. Harmony Place provides an affordable luxury treatment environment with personalized treatment options. Our evidence-based practices will treat your addictions and provide you with the life skills you need for continued success. Call us today to discuss treatment options suited to your needs.

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