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Defining Spiritual Wellness

Defining Spiritual WellnessSpirituality is the search for meaning and purpose in our lives. It is the pathway through which we nurture our spirit: Our soul, psyche, or inner self. The spirit is our non-physical being, our life force or energy, and the seat of our emotions and morals.

We often hear addiction called a soul sickness, and many addicts and alcoholics describe themselves as spiritually bankrupt when they reach their bottom. The goal of recovery is to restore us not just to a state of physical and mental wellness, but also to develop our spiritual wellness. It is this three-pronged approach to recovery that that helps us to achieve balance in our lives.

Spirituality is not the same thing as religion, though the two often co-exist. Religion is the study or practice of a particular dogma and set of rituals that are typically centered on a belief in God. Spirituality, however, need not be concerned with God. In fact, many people who describe themselves as spiritual are also atheists. One definition of spiritual wellness is living in harmony with the natural world, resulting in an appreciation for nature that may lead to feelings of wonderment.

As we learn to separate from the “I” or the ego, we instead seek to live harmoniously with others, as well. Spiritual wellness means we accept ourselves, our circumstances, and other people as they are. We find that letting go of our wants, demands, and expectations makes room for peace and serenity – a feeling that, “all is as it should be.” We feel gratitude for life’s gifts, large and small.

Spiritual wellness allows us to reconcile life’s sometimes harsh realities. Rather than seeing ourselves as victims, we are able to tap a well of resiliency and acceptance that allows us to recover more quickly from difficulties. We learn to “dance with life,” instead of fighting it.

When we’re spiritually well, our behaviors, thoughts, and actions become more consistent with our core morals and values. We begin to feel we’re being true to ourselves, and we start to live up to our highest potential. Perhaps the surest evidence that we’re spiritually well is the feeling that we’re fulfilled and serene.

Recovery doesn’t just happen. To fully recover in mind, body, and spirit requires professional guidance. You have work to do. At Harmony Place, you never have to do the work alone. We believe in your right of self-determination. We’re meeting where you are and taking you where you want to go. For information on our total continuum of care and luxury residential treatment and a private consultation, call us today: 1-855-652-9048