What We Treat

Drug Addiction Treatment - Harmony PlaceWelcome to Harmony Place, where we provide personalized and comprehensive addiction treatment. Few addiction treatment centers across the nation offer the range and quality of services that we do. We can help you even if you have a complex history of multi-substance issues combined with anxiety or co-occurring issues. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs include intensive family therapy and extended family support.

We are particularly proud to offer two approaches that are extremely effective in assisting those with substance abuse and co-occurring issues:

  • Spiritual Direction Program to help clients create a positive change that allows a deeper commitment to oneself and one’s life.
  • Three one-on-one sessions are held with a primary therapist weekly. By offering three individual sessions each week, you will have time to work with your primary therapist, counselor and adjunct therapist on your particular issues and concerns.

Addiction Treatment at Harmony Place

What We TreatWhen we decided to treat addiction, we wanted to understand the behavior that led to the addiction. This helps us treat you as an individual, no matter what type of addiction you are dealing with. This is why we offer treatment services for any type of addiction. Because we know that it’s about treatment for you — not just the type of addiction you have.

We Treat:

Drug Addiction

  • Cocaine rehab treatment
  • Meth rehab treatment
  • Xanax rehab treatment
  • And much more


Yoga practicioner sitting on rock during the sunset meditationOpiate Addiction

  • Heroin rehab treatment
  • Vicodin rehab treatment
  • Opiate rehab treatment


Alcohol Addiction

  • Alcohol abuse treatment
  • Alcohol addiction or alcoholism treatment
  • Binge drinking treatment
  • Alcohol treatment after multiple DUI’s


In addition to drug and alcohol addictions, we also treat process addictions, including:

Process Addictions

  • Gambling
  • Internet shopping
  • And binge eating

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