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Alternative Therapies

How Do CBT and DBT Help Addiction?

8 Sep
Addiction is a disease that requires comprehensive treatment to address all areas of health and wel…

How Does Motivational Enhancement Therapy Work?

18 Aug
Not everyone in treatment for addiction or co-occurring mental health disorders wants to make chang…

What Is Trac9?

14 Jul
At Harmony Place, we use data-driven treatment to provide the best care for our clients. Thus, we c…

Types of Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

7 Jul
Addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders disrupt several aspects of a person’s health and…

Signs of Social Media Addiction

9 Jun
Social media addiction has a proven link to mental health disorders, low self-esteem, isolation, an…

Warning Signs of Gambling Addiction

2 Jun
A gambling addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s well-being, just like someone addicted to a subs…

What Are the Most Effective Treatments for Addiction?

5 May
The discovery of a loved one’s addiction can be an overwhelming experience. But, first, those unfam…

Is There Yoga for Addiction Recovery?

7 Apr
Yoga has been credited with helping the body reduce stress and cope with triggers. According to Yog…

What Is Holistic Psychiatry?

25 Feb
Holistic refers to the “whole person” approach in health care interventions. It is considered a sim…

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