Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Addiction Recovery

hospitalizationCoping with addiction is painful for not just the victim, but also for all those around them, family and friends included. As traumatic as drug or substance addiction is for the addict, dealing with the addict can many times be equally as such. Thus, it is absolutely vital that the addict gets the proper help that he or she needs to ensure that everyone’s emotional wellbeing will be in order.

However, the thought of having to go to a facility for an extended period can definitely seem frightening. It’s no secret that most people are more inclined to want to sleep in their own beds and be in their own environment rather than that of any rehab center, no matter how upscale and inviting it may be. So, to solve that problem, we have the following novel concept to put everyone at ease. This is where a partial hospitalization program (PHP) comes in, which is designed specifically for this purpose. 

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is basically a program that provides therapy and treatment during the day and free time at night (hopefully away from drugs and the like). Also called a “day hospital”, a PHP is a very structured day program. It provides several hours of therapy and skill-building groups each day.

In a PHP, the patient participates in a daily routine in the morning hours as is released to go home to sleep at night. The individual continues to return until he or she is fully capable of continuing on their own as functioning members of society who are completely weaned of their addictions. The average time frame for a PHP is roughly 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, leaving time open for weekends to be spent leisurely without a rigid schedule.

How Long Does a PHP Last?

Now, don’t be worried about this taking forever. A PHP is only for an extended period based upon the needs and symptoms of each patient. Afterward, the patient should be good to go. This is once it is determined by a competent mental health professional that the patient has gotten past his or her addiction and can fully continue without any chance of relapse.

Another thing to realize is that despite its name, a partial hospitalization program does not mean that the patient actually goes to a hospital. Rather, similar to a hospital that provides a certain level of care to its patients, a PHP provides a level of care in any given location. 

How Do I Know if a PHP is Necessary?

RehabThis might be the number one question on your mind as you begin to seek addiction treatment. No different than any other course of action for behavioral or mental health challenges, a mental health professional needs to determine when a PHP is necessary. Truth be told, most people who end up in such a program actually look like regular functioning members of society. They also, for the most part, come from a stable family environment. 

As a matter of fact, PHP patients usually meet the following criteria:

  • Medically stable
  • Has adequate support at home
  • Not at risk of harming self or others
  • Motivated to participate in treatment
  • Difficulty functioning at work, school, or other occupations
  • Experiencing co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders

So you can see for yourself the fine line that is being navigated. The person is stable, but still is having difficulties that need some attention. In order to determine the above, the patient needs to go through a formal evaluation by a mental health professional. Only after the evaluation can action be taken to get the patient in the proper PHP to get the level of care that is necessary for them.

Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Right for Everyone?

Absolutely not! Again, the patient is usually coming from a stable environment and is usually a functioning person. If for some reason the patient is coming from a dysfunctional family/situation and is suffering from a severe addiction, then PHP is absolutely not for them. In such cases, individuals may need to get help through a residential/inpatient program. Residential addiction programs can provide 24-hour care to those who are working to overcome substance use disorders.

What Does a PHP Level of Care Entail?

As far as scheduling, every program is going to differ based on a variety of factors from location, to clientele, etc. But most programs seem to start in the later morning hours and continue on into the afternoon with their various routines. Lunch is usually served, but not breakfast and dinner, so make sure that the patient has had a good breakfast before leaving and a hearty supper upon returning.

Different centers providing PHP programs can provide a multitude of services and therapies for any given mild substance issue. Here at Harmony Place, however, our clients can benefit from a host of therapies and treatment services:

As stated earlier, once all the routines are complete, the patient is free to go home to rest until the next morning when they will come back for day treatment. Due to the vast amount of methods available, there’s no need to worry when applying for such a program. You can rest assured that the level of care being provided by a mental health care professional will be more than sufficient. At Harmony Place, our PHP level of care strives to get you back on your feet. We aim to help you thrive and push beyond your current limitations.

Treatment Made for Your Specific Needs

partial hospitalization programLike in every therapy setting, every case is unique. No one person is the same and everyone is coming with different issues. Not only that, the personalities in dealing with those issues have a spectrum that can probably circle the Earth twice! That being said, some people may need only a few weeks, some a few months, or maybe longer. 

But a PHP is not an indefinite process and will eventually no longer be necessary once it is determined that everything is in order. The patients themselves, considering that they are functioning human beings, will be able to tell for themselves when it’s really time to call it quits. 

The aim of a partial hospitalization program is that it plays itself out in the form of short-term treatment versus long-term. The end goal is to help the patient improve enough to be transferred to a lower level of care like outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. From there, they should already be more than halfway to the finish line of their journey to successful healing and carrying on.

What We Do Here at Harmony Place

Right now, you have the opportunity to enroll in our partial hospitalization program to receive the same level of care as in a total in-house care scenario. As mentioned above, this means that you can get the care you need while having the comfort of still sleeping in your own bed at night. Trust us when we say that you will not be disappointed. On the contrary, you’ll be thrilled!

At Harmony Place, we take pride in being able to give the proper therapy that is tailor-made to fit each client. Our team will work side-by-side with you to ensure that it stays that way. Our PHP is a safe, effective, and (most of all) healthy way to ensure absolute success in your journey to addiction recovery and rehab.

Receiving the Help and Hope You Deserve

The PHP level of care at Harmony Place goes far and beyond the call of duty. Our programs include holistic programs, nutrition, outdoor recreation, individual and group therapies, trauma-sensitive yoga, and more. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you give the care you need. Our team will work to help you get back on your feet and live a life that is free from the chains of alcohol or drug addiction.

Don’t wait around. Call today to be set up with our highly trained professionals to start your journey to a full recovery. Our team will work with you, keeping your recovery first and foremost. We prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health; your overall well-being is our main and only concern when it comes to your treatment.

A PHP is your best chance at therapy that is done in a way to make you the most comfortable. At Harmony Place, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promise to give you nothing less than the best that there is to offer. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to break free from substance abuse. That includes you!

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to take a step forward in your life. Now is the time to find hope. Contact Harmony Place today!